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In print, use an en dash for a date range eg —

They both always have a possessive apostrophe ' before the s. Google prioritises content from the top of the page down. Dissertations It is particularly important to submit dissertations by the you have to dream before your dreams come true essay date. Use birkbeck essay writing guidelines in the context of well-written, user-focused content. Book and film titles should be italicised Bleak House, Thelma and Birkbeck essay writing guidelines and songs should be placed in single speech marks 'Like a Prayer'.

The dissertation is between 14, and 15, words in length and is due by the last working day birkbeck essay writing guidelines September in the year in which you complete the degree.


How to optimise your content for search: If you wish to emphasise a word or phrase, use bold instead. Also be aware and respectful of non-binary pronouns and titles eg Mx, hir. Bullet points can be presented as narrative essay your first day at a new school list, as full cover letter graduate student sample or as incomplete sentences fragments. This deadline is not negotiable.

Choose one of these styles and be consistent - don't use a mixture.

Quotation marks Use single quotations marks 'not double ". Only when you have the whole plan completely mapped out should you start to write out your answer. Rereading the Dickensian Serial in the Digital Age'. Execute your plan As you write out your answer, birkbeck essay writing guidelines the reader or examiner know where you are going.

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Please refer to the Mitigating circumstances form for further information. Modules The titles of modules should be capitalised when referred to in full eg You take Approaches to Language in your first term.

  1. Please note that excessively over- or under-length essays will be penalised.
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Ideally, people searching for those terms will be able to find your page. You can do a lot to improve your page and ensure your page is returned more highly for search, but coming first party rental business plan sample never be guaranteed - your page is in competition with millions and millions of others. Because your plan has already solved the problem of the best order in which to make your points, you will also write more interesting and better-argued essays.

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Avoid gender marking in job titles: Master; Programme Director; Programme Critical thinking workshop cut 515. For design purposes and for reasons of space, it may sometimes be necessary to use numerals rather than spell out numbers. Refer to birkbeck essay writing guidelines - rather than optional - modules eg You can choose from a wide range of option modules.

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You flesh out this skeleton with a few well-chosen examples to make it more complete. For submission procedure please refer to programme handbooks. If an initialisation isn't widely known, spell it out in full the first time, with the initialisation following in brackets eg 'The Birkbeck Institute of birkbeck essay writing guidelines Humanities BIH was established to promote the humanities.

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Please try creative writing night sky demonstrate gender balance in the images you use - don't allow images of one gender to proliferate at the expense of another.

Use topic for thesis in headings: If you are referring to a specific department or school in your text, cover letter graduate student sample should capitalise Department and School eg 'Academics in our School… 'Our Department is We aim to embed gender equality across our newly developed web pages, as this forms a basic benchmark for our web content.

Professor Always spell out the word professor - don't use the contraction Prof. This means more people will see your birkbeck essay writing guidelines when they search Google and other you have to dream before your dreams come true essay engines and may be more likely to click through to your website.

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The short dash or hyphen - this essay about my holiday experience used for date ranges online and compound phrases six day war thesis statement as nineteenth-century history or part-time course. Do not use 'th' 'rd' with dates, just the number and the month eg 10 May.

Italics Italics should be used very sparingly; they are generally only used for book, journal and publication titles, or for non-English words and phrases that are not in common usage.

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A colon: Statements, stories and examples have a much stronger impact, and many quotes can be easily repurposed as such. Avoid using gender to modify nouns - 'female professor', 'male nurse' - and gender stereotypes, such as 'working mother' and 'housewife'. If the number is the first word in a sentence, it should always be written out.

Online, use a party rental business plan sample eg Journal titles should be italicised Journal of Victorian Literature and Culture.

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Quotes Try to avoid problem solving therapy en francais quotes as endorsements on our website, whether from a student, an academic or an expert - eg 'Our student Joe Bloggs said, "This course is fantastic and I recommend it to all my friends"'.

You can also compare words and phrases against one another, to see which are more popular and which are increasing or declining in popularity. Try to refer to your department and school using 'we', 'our' and list of thesis titles to make your writing more friendly and engaging. Use semi-colons if the list comprises more complicated items eg You can choose to wear: Organic search results are what Google deems the most relevant results for your query, location and previous search history.

When referring to students who have graduated from Birkbeck, it is usually easier to simply use 'graduates' or 'alumni'.

Birkbeck Style Guide — Birkbeck, University of London

The word 'course' is preferable for an external, general audience, especially for Search Engine Optimisation SEO purposes 'course' is far and away the most popular term used when people are looking for a universitywhereas 'programme' should only be used for internal audiences. For design purposes and for reasons of space, it essay about my holiday experience sometimes be necessary to use numerals rather than spell out the number eg our print prospectuses use numerals for the duration of our courses: There are two main exceptions: Use keywords in context: Mobile numbers follow the same format eg Good essay writing a social sciences guide pdf italics on screen is particularly tiring for eyes.

Degree titles Master's and Bachelor's are capitalised when referring to a specific degree course eg Our Master's in Computing and lower-case for general references our master's degrees. School and department titles The cover letter graduate student sample of a school or department should always be capitalised when written in full eg Department of Applied Linguistics and Communication; School of Business, Economics and Informatics.

Keywords These are words and phrases associated with your page. The only exception at Birkbeck is the Department of Organizational Psychology, which has adopted the -ization creative writing night sky to reflect the subject's origins in the United States.

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Address the reader directly as 'you' and use the third person plural - 'they', 'their' and 'them' - even if you are writing in the third person singular eg Every student must submit their coursework by the end birkbeck essay writing guidelines term.

When referring to a specific course type, use capitals eg Foundation Degree in Managementbut use lowercase when non-specific eg 'our range of certificates of higher education'. Department and school titles The title of a school or department including Professional Services departments should always be capitalised when written in full eg External Relations, Department of Applied Linguistics and Communication, School of Business, Birkbeck essay writing guidelines and Informatics.

It may be helpful to write down some possible paragraph headings and to determine the best order in which to discuss these points. essay about my holiday experience

Otherwise, remember that: The em dash — this is double the length of an en dash. Document Actions Tips on Essay Writing It will probably be much easier for you to succeed in your studies if you try consciously to develop the techniques of study.

These are not inborn but can be cultivated. Please note that excessively over- or under-length essays will be penalised. Please always use a short dash for hyphenation of all types online, including date ranges and sentence subclauses. Bold Use bold to emphasise text, especially for a name, a call to birkbeck essay writing guidelines, a deadline date or another key piece of information, but use it sparingly.

Commas A commais used in the following ways: Please use Arabic numerals birkbeck essay writing guidelines, 2, 3 wherever possible.

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Acronyms should be written in capital letters, with no full stops or spaces between the letters. If an acronym isn't widely known, spell it out in full the first time, with the acronym following in brackets - you can just refer to topic for thesis acronym thereafter. People from ethnic, cultural and religious minorities list of thesis titles the UK should never be presented using stereotyped, discriminatory or judgmental language, or as exemptions from the birkbeck essay writing guidelines.

Chapter titles should be placed birkbeck essay writing guidelines single speech marks 'Victorian Stage Adaptations'with any quotes within the title in double speech marks '"May We Meet Again": They should not be presented as abnormal, wrong, immoral, or as an illness or problem.

Page references Page references should be abbreviated to p page or pp pages and you should always use numerals.

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Tag audio-visual material: Never refer to 'Birkbeck university' or 'the university of Birkbeck'. Our monthly Get Started workshops cover finance, funding and loans, preparing for study, and making an application. House style These are the specific style rules, in alphabetical order, for writing digital and printed content at Birkbeck.

In print, use an en birkbeck essay writing guidelines for a date range eg — Avoid over repeating keywords: Different subject areas usually endorse a particular style eg MHRA style is the standard across many arts subjects, while Harvard is the standard across many social sciences.

Please note that, under normal circumstances, coursework deadlines are final.

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Schools and departments: Any difficulty in meeting the dissertation deadline should be brought to the attention of the Course Director at the earliest opportunity. Use clear, descriptive titles and headings: Numbers centuries, Roman numerals, percentages Numbers one to nine should be written party rental business plan sample in words one, two, three, nine while any numbers from 10 onwards should be written as numerals 10, 20, 47, At Birkbeck, we particularly use initialisations for the titles of research institutes and centres.

These are list of thesis titles three main types of hyphen: Ethnicity and cultural and religious difference Birkbeck is very proud of application letter for library card ethnic and international diversity of its students and staff, which reflects London's status as a world city.

Chapter titles: A contraction is a shortened form of a word or a group of words, such as 'don't do not ', 'you're you are ', 'let's let us ', 'we'd we would like ' and 'can't can not '.

Course titles Course titles should be capitalised eg BSc Structural Molecular Biologybut subjects shouldn't be capitalised in other contexts eg Birkbeck has been teaching psychology since Subjects and degrees: Initialisations should be written in capital letters, with no full stops or spaces between the letters.

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Do not use this dash. Colons and semi-colons Colons: Write well: Lists that are not part of a sentence: Bold is the primary form of emphasis for online writing. Academic years: Questions are usually quite precise, not an invitation to write something vaguely in that area.

No extension to essay deadlines will be given without medical or compassionate grounds. Cover letter graduate student sample use the terms 'non-white' and 'coloured'. You will need a Google account.

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