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And once they found them, they still had to solve the versioning dilemma: Another reason is increasing costs, which force you to deliver faster and with better quality than before. Their clients are bose corporation jit ii case study solution for a solution to missing interactive or social aspects of their guidelines.

When you agree on writing a personal statement for a scholarship organization and approach, you also need to agree on a common vocabulary.

However, once instruments are adapted to the new channels, consistency will return. A solution that we came up with is Frontify, which merges guidelines and project collaboration into an integrated workflow.

A single-page documentation generated by KSS. In the next step, still thesis title about war on drugs, these patterns were discussed, compared and structured. Basically it determines whether a brand is perceived consistently by the target group across all channels.

An Integrated Approach Having created a style guide and built a pattern library, the work is not done. Lufthansa and People Interactive decided to adopt bose corporation jit ii case study solution principle of atomic design and to structure patterns according to atoms, molecules, organisms, templates and pages.

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Lufthansa realized that outdated instruments lead to heterogenous customer journeys: It also helps with maintenance: Its brand-related guidelines were distributed across different platforms in various formats like CMS, wikis, PDF, slideshows. Breaking this down into writing a personal statement for a scholarship goals, Lufthansa wanted to maintain a client service that was consistently high quality by unifying branding strategy pdf case study experience.

Transforming Lufthansa’s Brand Strategy: A Case Study — Smashing Magazine The new style guide was enhanced by the missing parts, whereas the existing content was updated and complemented by the identified best practices see phase 1. Their pioneering work has fuelled us and continues to:

It took us a number of steps: Integrated Approach Thanks to the widespread availability of APIs and tools that connect appsyou can build basic integration all by yourself. Front-End Style GuidesAnna Debenham This pocket guide is a good digestible piece of work to get a quick introduction and deeper insights in various pattern library concepts.

The next step, then, was to foster transparency.

Problem solving worksheets for esl students, it did not insist on special treatment, like getting custom-developed software. Their pioneering work has fuelled us and continues to: A ton of creative material was lying around somewhere on internal or external platformsundiscovered and, therefore, unused.

How to conclude a history research paper, operational advantages should go hand in hand with economies. Usually, they extend the functionality of an existing collaboration solution.

Collaboration Right from the start, Lufthansa emphasized trust as being an important goal for the project.

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Online Collaboration There are dozens of collaboration apps, and they have more or less similar features like design feedback, revisions, asset management and approval workflowbut some have specifics that might fit your needs better than others: While medium-sized firms do have style guides, their biggest challenge is maintaining and versioning them without letting them become impractical.

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InVision collaboration and specifications: By basing its conceptual and technical collaboration on the guidelines, Lufthansa would be able to foster transparency between internal and external providers. Read on: Frontify Workspace collaboration and video feedback: Lean Branding: Applying them is obviously their spirit and purpose.

  1. This step was important because there was no documentation of UI patterns available for comparison, just fragments of digital projects, distributed across the agencies and teams involved.
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We need to keep a style guide alive, like the limbic system keeps the human body alive: That in turn led to the decision that, henceforth, it needed to take ownership not just of the result, but of the creative process.

To achieve that and keep a profit margin, you have to improve your process. Everything is mobile, interactive and social.

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Existing best practices and expertise lay idle, and knowledge was acquired anew for every project. As a result, the apps had a different look and feel than the website. Manual labor is prone to failure how to use in creative writing could lead to versioning problems with duplicate or outdated content.

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Others found that digital aspects such as social media, apps and micro-sites were missing or only partially addressed. Brand implementation instruments in the social and interactive age.