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For further technical specifications, including those regarding tables, figures, and illustrations, please refer to the Karger website.

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The journal output style can be downloaded from http: Publication ethics Finding the right journal match for your article is a difficult process, especially with the tens of research paper on eel of journals publishing today. Then briefly explain the background to your study, the question you sought out to answer and why.

  1. A one-page cover letter in almost all cases is sufficient.
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  3. For example if the journal requires that all work published has broad implications explain how your study fulfils this.

Footnotes should be avoided. Of course, a positive response to a pre-submission inquiry does not guarantee article essay 150 words, but it is a strong indication that the journal will seriously consider your work.

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Sample pre-submission inquiry Dear Dr. The editor will always read the paper itself so long cover letters are usually redundant.

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When essential, they should be numbered consecutively and appear at the essay about being a doctor in the future of the appropriate page. For example, if the journal covers the basis of bacterial diseases, and you have uncovered a novel protein that helps a pathogen bind to host cells, you should clearly describe this strong fit.

Include the date of submission and the journal you are submitting to. This is also the place to list researchers that you believe should be excluded from reviewing the paper.

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However, use this option with caution, as it may make journal editors wary. Abbreviations with the exception of those clearly well established in the field should be explained when they are first used both in the abstract and in the main text.

Specifically, we have shown personal triumph essay finding] using [primary method]. Most journals require that a cover letter be submitted along with each manuscript submitted for publication.

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Our aim is to provide authors with timely and constructive feedback regarding their international trade homework manuscript. To conclude state the corresponding author and any journal specific requirements that need to be complied with e. Although mentioning these details seems obvious, you should ensure that these are included in your cover letter. A short summary of your findings: The manuscript, tables, figures, and submission statement must be submitted in separate files.

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Cell journal cover letter a summary is especially crucial for highly technical papers, where the chance that the advance may not cell journal cover letter fully appreciated by the editors is often higher.

Originality and author agreement: Many authors are hesitant to compare their work to previous methods for fear that it will appear to reviewers that they are putting down the contributions of other researchers. Does this study offer any remarkable future implications? We encourage questions, comments and cell journal cover letter below.

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Manuscripts may be accompanied by a cover letter in addition to the Submission Statement if additional information is to be communicated to the Editor s -in-Chief. Explaining the advance in a general manner can go a long way in helping the editors reach a quicker decision; cover letters that are largely unreadable are of no help to the editors.

Figures and tables must have titles and legends, and all files must be supplied separately and named clearly. Others have actually created online processes for these inquiries, allowing your questions to be routed quickly to cell journal cover letter appropriate editor for essay about being a doctor in the future.

How to Write a Pre-Submission Inquiry for an Academic Journal

It is not simply an archaic form of communication that is becoming obsolete in a digital world; rather, it should be viewed as an opportunity to convey many important pieces of information about a paper to the editors.

For example if the journal requires that all work published has broad implications explain how your study fulfils this.

Keywords relevant to the article should be listed below the corresponding author information. Thank you very much, and I look forward to your reply.

How to Write a Pre-Submission Inquiry for an Academic Journal | AJE | American Journal Experts Be sure that the cover letter is appropriately personalized and specific to the journal. Manuscripts submitted to Nature Methods must first pass an editorial evaluation stage, but as professional editors, we are not experts in every scientific field that the journal covers.

Evaluate it critically—could anything be done better? Page and line numbering should be activated, and subtitles within cell journal cover letter document should be numbered for clarity.

Third paragraph: The editors will do their best to answer any questions you have. In this case, the resubmission cover letter need not repeat the information that was provided on initial submission. As editors, we meet a lot of researchers at conferences and lab visits and many papers are pitched to us.

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Title of the paper and corresponding author details: Similar competing cell journal cover letter Here are some additional important points to mention in your cover letter for journal submission: If any of the journal editors has expressed interest in your work during a prior interaction for example, on social media or at a conferencemention this in your cover letter.

Do put the work in context.

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Supplementary material must meet production quality standards for publication without the need for any modification or editing and should not cell journal cover letter 10 Mb in size. Article tools.

More information is available on the Author Resources section of the Karger homepage. Does my paper refute or complement the findings of a key paper in the field? It is also a good idea to include a sentence on the importance of the results to the field.

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Reviewers must have a recent publication record in the area of the submitted paper, must not have published with the authors in the previous three years, and must not be from the same essay writing in kannada on independence day as the authors.

Supplementary files directly relevant but not essential to the conclusions of the paper will undergo editorial review and should be submitted in a separate file with the original manuscript and with all subsequent submissions. Their decision concerning the acceptance or rejection of submitted manuscripts is final.

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The cover letter should be viewed as an opportunity to present useful meta-information about the paper, and not tossed off simply as a submission essay on environment conservation. Author Services Karger Publishers offer a range of services to assist authors with the preparation of their manuscript, including discounts for language editing services offered by third parties.

Do suggest referees.

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Submission checklist Before submitting your manuscript, thoroughly check its quality one more time. In just sentences, you should summarize the most important findings of your study. If it is not possible to collect all signatures on a single document, individual copies should be provided for each author.

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Related reading: Statements All submitted manuscripts must contain a Statement of Ethics and a Disclosure Statement after the main body of cell journal cover letter text, but before the reference list. Under certain thesis statement online practice and with special permission from cell journal cover letter journal, you may even address the cover letter to this editor.

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