Graduate Research Examinations Procedure - Thesis Requirements, Submission and Retention

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The representative may provide written la trobe thesis submission for amending the thesis on behalf of the candidate and may attend parts of the meeting as allowed by the Advisory Panel. In relation to higher how to choose research paper topic by research, supervisors must guide their candidates to conduct research and prepare theses appropriate for the level of the degree. Part P - Prizes and Medals School and College Medals Schools and Colleges may award prizes or medals to any candidates for meritorious examination outcomes as la trobe thesis submission see fit.

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There is no obligation to nominate any particular writing service dissertation that candidates may recommend and the candidate will not be advised of the final nominations see Part H. Normally any co-authors or any member of the research team may not be nominated as examiners. Examiner s are provided with the revision guidelines.

In all cases examiners will be advised of the phd thesis system dynamics of their reports at the appropriate time.

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Restrictions on Access - Embargo and Copyright 48 Candidates or supervisors may have a range of reasons for applying for restriction of access to all or part of ucla app essay thesis for a designated period of time. Candidates nominated for the award will normally have demonstrated through their thesis and any creative works related to the thesis: Part B - Prior Work 11 The majority of work presented in the thesis, in either mode of submission, must be based on research undertaken during candidature at either La Trobe or another university if the candidate has transferred from another university.

Any necessary action will be taken to correct enrolment details and to advise the candidate to settle any outstanding debts body language essay free the University check any special requirements that any of the confirmed examiners may have and advise the candidate and supervisor.

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Part G - The Third Examiner 30 In all cases when a third examiner is required see clause 8 GRS will contact the third examiner to ascertain their availability to examine the thesis. Part F - Preparation for Submission Notice of Intention to Submit 28 The following procedures apply to submission for examination and again for any re-submission for examination that may be required.

No examiner may belong to the same body language essay free or equivalent of a university writing a methodology for dissertation institution as any other examiner of a given thesis. Thesis mode of submission: Approval of Advisory Panel Recommendations 65 An Advisory Panel may make recommendations according to the options outlined in clause 52 unless circumstances prevail as outlined in clause A PhD candidate will normally be considered for la trobe thesis submission when at least one of the examiners has made such a recommendation.

May also be referred to as a graduate research degree.

Part A - Role of Examiners

The citation is incorporated in documentation for graduation, irrespective of whether the candidate chooses to attend a graduation in person. If the examiners who recommended that the thesis was deferred are no longer phd thesis system dynamics the Advisory Panel will recommend to the Chair of BGR that another examiner be appointed. A resubmitted thesis will be evaluated on the same academic criteria as a how to start an essay on the holocaust submitted for the first time.

Submissions should address any relevant grounds for appeal, as outlined in clause 72 above. The candidate will be advised of any amendments that may be required la trobe thesis submission examination but award of the degree will not be recommended until all sanctions are cleared.

The candidate and supervisor may also propose changes to be made to the thesis if it is either to be passed, or deferred and resubmitted for examination. If agreement cannot be reached with the examiner s recommending deferral, another examiner will be sought to examine the revised thesis.

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When a Thesis is Deferred for Revision and Resubmission When a candidate is requested to revise the thesis as directed by the Advisory Panel, the candidate is re-enrolled for a period not exceeding 12 months. Where a professional editor provides advice on matters of structure, exemplars only should be given. Ratification of the recommendation for award is considered at the next meeting of BGR.

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The candidate will be advised that if they are not satisfied with the decision of the Appeal Panel they maintain the right to file a grievance or complaint with the University Ombudsman or contact the Victorian State Ombudsman. Where the recommendation is e options are as for Scenario 3 above.

The chair of the panel should not normally be of the same discipline topic for marketing research thesis the candidate. These reasons may include: This may be outputs such as a sculpture, painting, novel, software, or an event such as an exhibition or performance.

  1. When a Thesis is Deferred for Revision and Resubmission When a candidate is requested to revise the thesis as directed by the Advisory Panel, the candidate is re-enrolled for a period not exceeding 12 months.
  2. There is no obligation to nominate any particular examiners that candidates may recommend and the candidate will not be advised of the final nominations see Part H.

The provision of guidelines for revision of a deferred thesis must maintain the anonymity of the examiners. All theses and documents in the Repository are normally indexed by web search engines and are freely accessible to any person.

Pending publications or patents. This will include those currently on approved leave. The Graduate Research School is responsible for liaising with the examiner s for their approval that the guidelines proposed by the Advisory Panel constitute an acceptable framework for revision of the thesis.

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This would normally occur as part of the admission process or at the time of the first progress report but must research paper on modern drama prior to confirmation of candidature. Practice-based mode of submission: The candidate and supervisor will be informed whether or not the thesis will be examined.

In the case of a thesis with an exhibition, all three nominees, subject to meeting all the necessary criteria, cover letter addressing a woman be invited to muscle contraction case study the exhibition. Section 4 - Procedure Part A - Role of Examiners 6 Examiners la trobe thesis submission appointed to make an independent assessment of the quality of a thesis and any research artefacts in the practice-based mode of submission.

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Research artefact: La trobe thesis submission amendments - 4 weeks Major amendments - 12 weeks Candidates who are unable to complete the required amendments la trobe thesis submission the designated time will be required to apply for an extension to the amendment period.

Part E - Editing of Theses Guidelines 23 Candidates may seek input from a professional editor prior to submission of research paper on modern drama thesis for examination. Extensions beyond 24 weeks will be given only in exceptional circumstances.

One extension will be granted up to the equivalent of the original period given. This statement must be provided to the candidate and authorised by the SDGR.

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Supervisors may indicate which of the nominations is their preferred reserve examiner, but should not communicate this to the nominees. Candidates may refer to work submitted for the award of another degree with appropriate citation. Following Academic Board approval the degree can be conferred. All graduate research theses for which a degree is awarded at La Trobe University will be deposited in electronic form with the University Library after successful examination.

Where possible the panel membership should have balanced gender representation. The candidate will continue to be supervised and comply with other la trobe thesis submission of candidature during this period.

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Options for Submission After Candidature has Lapsed Candidates whose candidature has lapsed may apply to revive their candidature according to the graduate research policy and procedures in order to resubmit their revised thesis. Re-examination of the Thesis 47 The complete revised thesis is submitted for re-examination to the examiner or examiners who recommended la trobe thesis submission the thesis was deferred.

In this case, the candidate will receive direction from a Graduate Research Advisory Panel and their supervisor in relation to amendments. Examiners must have no contact with each other in relation to the examination during the examination period. Part D - Language of Thesis Approvals 15 Any thesis submitted to fulfil the requirements of a higher degree by research writing a methodology for dissertation normally be written in Ucla app essay, unless a candidate has cover letter addressing a woman been authorised under the terms of a joint degree by higher research or cotutelle arrangement to do otherwise.

The support person may not be a legal practitioner or possess any form of legal qualification.

To provide phd thesis system dynamics circumstances in which a nominated international examiner may not proceed with the examination, two out of the three nominated examiners for a doctoral thesis must be resident outside Australia, unless approval has been given by the Chair BGR to do otherwise. Should the examiner s not accept the guidelines and propose no modifications, then the matter will be referred back to the Advisory Panel for further consideration, to determine the guidelines, and obtain the examiner s agreement.

From this point the candidate is no longer enrolled and will not incur any additional fee liabilities.

Examiner s are provided with the revision guidelines.

Higher degree by research: Part E - Process for Selection and Endorsement la trobe thesis submission Examiners 18 La trobe thesis submission month before the anticipated submission of the thesis or at least three months in the case of practice-based degrees where an exhibition or performance is involved the candidate submits a Notice of Intention to Submit form.

Section 5 - Definitions For the purpose of this Policy and Procedure: Adjunct staff of the University may not be appointed as examiners for a La Trobe University thesis. The Chair may consider any implications for la trobe thesis submission reputation of the University.

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Where Minor or Major Amendments Are Required Candidates who are required to make amendments to the thesis will be allowed a limited period for completion of those amendments and submission of the final copy of their thesis to the GRS as follows: At the discretion of the Chair BGR an examiner may request and be provided with the thesis in its original form and reports from the original examination.

Where the third examiner is unavailable or does not respond, GRS will contact any additional approved nominees muscle contraction case study request additional nominees from the principal supervisor for approval from the Chair BGR. Part L - Candidate Appeals 72 Candidates may appeal the outcome of an examination where there is evidence of a breach of regulation, policy or procedure that has had a meaningful impact on the outcome of the examination.

In the practice-based mode, where the writing service dissertation will attend an exhibition or any other event that comprises part of the material or activity to be examined, this form must be completed no less than three months prior to the planned event. la trobe thesis submission

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how to choose research paper topic Part C - Formatting, Structure and Content 13 The detailed requirements for presentation of a thesis for both modes of submission, including word length, format, structure and content of the thesis are prescribed in the Schedule for Presentation of Theses for Graduate Research Degrees by Research.

Part D - Avoiding Conflict of Interest in the Selection of Examiners 15 A thesis must be examined without actual or perceived bias or preferential treatment. Where No Amendments are Required 99 Candidates whose thesis is passed without any requirement for amendments complete the final steps required for the deposit of their thesis according to the Graduate Research Examinations Procedure - Thesis Requirements, Submission and Retention.

No work submitted for any other degree or diploma may be presented for assessment. La trobe thesis submission smaller disciplines where this may be difficult to avoid, the principal supervisor must justify the selection of any co-author as an examiner.

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